FIRE PIT IN A BRIEFCASE!! (Portable Fire Pit + Custom Carrying Case)

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AFFILIATE TOOL LINKS: Porter Cable Cordless Brad Nailer: Dewalt 12" Compount Miter Saw: Dewalt 10" Table Saw: Rare Earth Magnets: LIFEDOO FIREPIT: Check out Lifedoo's other cool product--The SUV Door Step: FIRE PIT IN A BRIEFCASE!! (Portable Fire Pit + Custom Carrying Case): I thought this collapsible firepit was pretty awesome. It weighs about 20 lbs, is extremely sturdy, and sets up and tears down in seconds. The only thing the fire pit was missing is a good carrying case. Without one, the components don't want to stay together, and are hard to manage. So, I made a custom carrying case for the portable fire pit! Materials: 1/2" plywood scrap 3/4" plywood scrap 1 handle 2 1/2" rare earth magnets Super Glue Fire Pit Carrying Case Build: 1) Rip pieces for spacers out of 3/4" plywood 2) Cut side pieces out of 1/2" plywood 3) Embed rare earth magnets in spacer strips (so they will be flush) 4) Glue and tack spacer strips to inside of side pieces 5) Attach handle to top side of carrying case (pre-drill holes) When using your portable fire pit, be sure to give it time to cool down before handling. Also, don't use the fire pit over flammable ground. It's best to use it on concrete or gravel or bare dirt when burning. Thanks for watching the video! Be sure to check us out at The Honest Carpenter Website:

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