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Date of placement 21.05.2019
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Antarctica, Odessa

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    Ira Bangula
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    Dutch, Flemish, English, Russian
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Interior Design

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Belgium, Antwerp

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Website: Banyas design Interior design, houses and their inhabitants are my passion. I have been privileged to design spaces for a varied and loyal clientele for over seven years. My favorite part of the process, is attuning myself to my client’s aspirations and translating them into an integrated design project. A true co-creation. The perfect space, is one that reads like a biography. From floorplan to furniture and decorations: I take pride in having every detail reflect my client’s personality, experiences, travels and style. BANYAS Interior Design is a full-service, high-end residential design office with a full-time staff and seven years of experience. We are based in Antwerp, Belgium.

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