Paving stone from labradorite

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WE ARE THE FIRST WHO CREATED THIS AMAZING PRODUCT The unique mechanical processing of stone from labradorite VOLGA BLUE is our special technology LUXURIOUS VIEW: Beautiful ANTIQUE old city style texture. We have preserved the natural structure of the stone 100% ECOLOGICAL: This is the first class of radioactivity LIFETIME WARRANTY: Absolute resistance to any destructive factors due to the know-how of the machining technology EXTRA STRENGTH Compressive strength, MPa 150-166 Bending strength, MPa 621 Density, kg/м2 2800-2860 HIGH RESISTANCE Frost Resistance Grade F-50 Water absorption, % 0,017 Radiation Class 1: no restrictions for usage indoor or outdoor ONE BEST SIZE 100X100 MM FOR PEDESTRIAN ZONE Depth: 30 mm. Euro palette: 14,4 m2 (1255 kg) FOR CARRIAGEWAY Depth: 50 mm. Euro palette: 8,64 m2 (1296 kg) Price on DAP Austria: Delivery at Place
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